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Matrix Polymers, Inc.

Matrix Polymers, Inc. has been in business as a reseller of polymers for thirty years.  The Corporate office is located in Huntington, New York.  The management group involved has decades of experience in the commodity polymers business.  To best serve our clients, we have satellite offices across the country in or near most major cities which are manned by individuals experienced in the business of selling polymer.  

Our goal is to be your "supplier of choice!"  We are committed to innovation,  bringing fresh ideas, and consistently delivering value.  From the vast experience of our sales group, expect invaluable advice as we work in close collaboration with customers to make the most of all new business opportunities. From our multiple supply partners, we are able to source products to fit most needs.  Our dependable, responsive customer service group will manage expectations to ensure that those products deliver to the right place at the right time.  In short, we are "solution providers" looking forward to the opportunity to assist with your commercial needs - now! 

Matrix Polymers, Inc.

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